I recently heard a song on XM Radio. 

Join us for a ”Cool Change”

It was “Cool Change” by The Little River Band. And it got me thinking, what a cool change MiamiMan Magazine is for us. 

First of all, escaping the brutal Northeast winters is very appealing. That is indeed a cool (or maybe a warm) change. 

Second, the people of Miami/Fort Lauderdale seem happy and excited about life. 

Maybe it’s the glorious weather, perhaps the delicious seafood, or maybe, as the song says, “It’s the cool and bright clear water.”

Whatever the reason, bringing our now national brand (Boston, New Jersey, Philly) into Miami is very exciting. 

We are more than a magazine. Our private business network we call Legacy Club has over 300 members in Philly, and 150+ in Boston. We expect the power of putting powerful businesspeople together with the common cause of mutually beneficial partnerships will work well here too. We meet about once per month at upscale and exciting venues and facilitate important relationships. 

The tagline is “A social club where business happens.”

Our Chairman’s Club attracts together C-Level executives creating an exclusive mastermind  group that benefits from added exposure in the magazine and at our events. The quarterly dinners at VERY nice restaurants are a perk too!

And our annual gala honors men and women in the community for their commitment to business excellence and philanthropy. 

So put on your life jackets as we head out to sea in Miami. 

For us, it is a very cool change – indeed.