On March 7, 2022, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida signed into law Senate Bill No. 1006, officially designating Strawberry Shortcake “with natural Florida dairy topping” as Florida’s official state dessert.  He signed it, appropriately enough, at the Florida Strawberry Festival, held annually since 1948 at Plant City, Florida, where they were expected to serve over 200,000 of the delicious treats. The act took effect July 1, 2022. This idea apparently didn’t sit well with proponents of Florida’s other famous dessert, that most famous dessert of the Florida Keys, the Key lime pie. Knowing that the Strawberry Shortcake was about to get it’s “just desserts” (sorry!), the Key City commissioners had unanimously voted to make Key lime pie the official dessert of Key City “just” the week before. And they did this in full knowledge of the fact that, back in 2006, Florida had already designated the Key lime pie as the official state pie! The good news in all of this political bickering, back-and-forth and one-upmanship?  Unlike most other political controversies, here in the State of Florida the people really are the big winners whichever mouthwateringly delicious official state dish they supported.