Jaxson Maximus luxury men’s salon & custom clothier

What does a custom clothier, scotch & whiskey bar, and a high-end barber shop all have in common?

They’re all located in the one stop shop that is Miami’s Jaxson Maximus.

“It’s a luxury experience,” said Tiffany Carnevale-Russo, salon manager.

“You walk in and there’s very masculine tones, so they feel very comfortable. We have a full scotch and whiskey bar, where we serve coffee, tea, and wine as well. It was really designed to let people come in and do some work if they really needed to. If they have a 12 p.m. appointment and they want to come in at 10am, they’re more than welcome to stay, hang out at the bar, do a zoom call if they need to,” she said.

Co-founder of the company, Madison Boehm recognized that salons like this haven’t always existed for men, and that men enjoy coming there to feel comfortable with being pampered. Jaxson Maximus offers many services beyond haircuts like facials, grooming, waxing, and teeth whitening.

“The concept really formed based around the idea that men just want to go to one location and do all their services together, including haircuts and custom clothing. They want to see more of an experience than doing a chore”

“It’s an experience above and beyond everything else. You have everything from the scotch and whiskey bar to the clothing, to the salon. You’re not just getting a haircut; you’re getting the whole experience.”

While women are no stranger to getting salon treatment, having this kind of luxury experience for men normalized at a place like Jaxson Maximus is something men in Miami have responded to very well.

“We actually hear that a lot from our clients; ‘Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen something like this for men!’” Boehm said.

Not only does Jaxson Maximus provide pampering services, but it also provides an expert tailoring and custom clothier service like none other. They take a minimum of 35 measurements from each individual to ensure fitted perfection, whether you’re looking to get a whole suit or just a pair of shorts.

“It’s not just picking out clothing, you’re really transforming your image and your level of confidence,” said Boehm.

“We are one hundred percent true custom. We design the garment from scratch and hand make it based on your pattern. It’s not a custom premade computer, it’s your own individual measurements that are cut by our master cutters,” she said.

While ‘off the rack’ clothing might be the norm for many people, Madison points out that manufacturers produce clothes that don’t typically fit most people the way clothes should.

“What we specialize in is catering toward any body type, whether you’re big & tall, you’re short, you’re skinny, you’re a little bit bigger, etc. Custom made clothing is fitted to the guy that can’t usually fit into off the rack clothing. I would say close to 99% of all body types don’t fit into standard, off the rack clothing,” Boehm said.

Their commitment to providing their clients with the ultimate experience has garnered many frequent clients, especially those who work in Miami’s booming business district.

“I have been going there because of the treatment they have. The way they treat clients, it makes you feel like you’re home – and they do it in style!” said Roshan Abeyweera, who has been a weekly client for over two years. “I consider them family.”

“It’s like a man cave where you can go to reset, recharge,” he said.

Miami has been the perfect location for Jaxson Maximus with the clientele who are suited [pun intended] for the services they provide.

“I think Miami was the right market for us. The climate, the types of interactions we get from the clients, the income level,” said Boehm.

So, what’s next? Well, as Madison describes, they are looking to open more locations throughout the country in the future, and they are planning on launching a clothing line of men’s athleisure as well. 

“We’re looking to expand the concept. We’re looking to open up another location and shortly after that we’ll open up more and then eventually expand throughout the country,” Boehm said.

Overall, the Jaxson Maximus philosophy is a simple one, emphasizing the importance of feeling your best through looking your best.